About Emersio

Emersio is a powerful augmented reality app developed by Wirth Research. Using Emersio you can download high quality 3D models and render them in a real view environment using your mobile camera.

View and interact with rendered 3D models in high definition on your iPad or iPhone. Save and share your latest creations with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Flickr.

Emersio is now available on iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

Recent Blogs

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Posted: 5th July 2013
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Posted: 15th March 2013

Various 3D models available

  • Emersio allows you to augment a 3D render of a race car, sports car or even the mars rover!

  • A high detail model of the NASA/JPL Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover

  • All 2014 Andretti Autosport DW12s available

  • Visualisation of the Veranda Living, Lichfield Double Hipped veranda.

  • A generic white bookcase to provide an interior visualisation example.